Thursday, January 27, 2011


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Last year there was this new craze about a line dance called the "WOBBLE" which has become my all time favorite dance of all!  Seriously all you have to do is ask someone i know if that song came on i would stop what i was doing to break it down!  So when i was at home getting my exercise in i decided to put this song on and realized that this song is a good cardio workout, i mean it works the legs, butt, and even the abs depending on how you choose to do the dance, so i am submitting a YouTube video for all my peeps to see, but you don't have to use this video there are a thousand different ones on YouTube but this is the one that i originally learned the dance from and check on the guy in the vest, and the lady in black they are getting it!  I so love dancing, so if you have spare time today or are feeling a little blue, play this and get your GROOVE ON!!!  Have Fun!!!

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  1. Tasha,
    I never thought this dance could be a great workout! It is a great dance especially after you taught me how to do it. When my students are having a moment, I put this song on and everybody is up and dancing! lol! Everytime I am dancing to this song, I am in sweat!