Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Same man different name

So i finished the book so sad that i'm finished days later but i had to work and it was hard to pick it up in between.  But i loved this book i would highly recommend it to anyone.  From start to finish this book keeps you excited, when you read it, you start thinking to yourself there is someone that i know who has lived this life...or it may remind you of how you have been in your younger teenage days (lol) but author Kemisha Ebron did an excellent job, and anyone who is looking for a book about love and hardships this is the book, and it keeps your suspense level going.  This book will leave you wondering does love really exist for Trinity, but you will have to read it to see if Ms. Trinity finally find LOVE> I give this ***** stars.. You can now order it online at amazon.com..

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  1. I may have to check this one out!!! Thanks for the review!!