Saturday, January 8, 2011

No more sitting in the cold!

"You betta go out there and heat that car up before you mess up the engine as my dad used to tell my brother" and what do you know i'm logging onto the internet and a question was asked Do cars really need to warm up first? on yahoo.  Well that's what i was always told, so now i guess i was wrong, so my poor husband was going out in the cold "warming up" the car, and standing outside for about 15 min because it was too cold in the car, but doesn't it seem like it's colder outside, oh well. 

So this article on yahoo gives us 8 facts about warming up your car in the winter.  So now if you are running late for work or an appointment just give yourself about 30 seconds and you are good to go, but i've tried to do this before, jumping in the car and leaving, and it always gives me this hesitation like it wants to stall so i don't know if that works for a particular car or all cars in general, but i may just see how well it will work from now on.


  1. I saw that article, too. Next week Texas is actually having a real week of winter. I better get myself together to run out there real quick. BRRRR!!!

  2. Well since you said that i better change my options of photos for you for your hubbies coming home visit :D

  3. Yes, I am trying to be sexy. I been eating right and everything. I am trying to be down at least 30 lbs. I want to get the are YOU my wife effect.