Thursday, July 7, 2011

What about your friends!

Friendship is something that is valuable and we shouldn't take lightly.  In this life that is so precious we often meet ordinary people, who become valuable people in our life, and we never actually realized how near and dear they would be to our heartsWhile talking to one of my longtime friends she was upset that one of her friends boyfriend accused her of something, and i believe she was more upset that she was already guilty before even being questioned. 

True friendship in my opinion would be when someone speaks negatively against you whether its your boyfriend, or someone in the streets.  If we are as close as we are supposed to be you should be able to know me better than what rumors are.  A girlfriend of mine always told me "that if you want to keep your friends listen and don't speak" which i found to be true, sometime people want/don't want your opinions they actually just want someone they know to hear them out.  They usually know the situation they are in is screwed up and they don't need you to second that notion, they just want to know that as their friend that you listen and understand.

Now the best thing to do is Love your friends no matter their faults, Offer advice if you deem it necessary, Value who they truly are and Expect the best for everyone.  If we would just learn that no one is perfect, and that we all have flaws, that is when you sort out who your true friends are.

Challenging ourselves to see a better outcome...

Lately i've been reading about America having the largest obesity rate in the world.  So i started thinking to myself what can i do to decrease atleast 1% of this rate and i plan on challenging myself to atleast 20-30 min of working out atleast everyday.  When i lost my mother at the age of 62 it was from various health issues, and i don't want to leave my children behind because of my lack of taking care of myself.  So lately i've been trying to work out twice a day, so each day i plan on doing something whether it be riding a bike, walking, aerobics, low/high impact training.  I must fight to Live and not Die, so i challenge all of you to change the ratio one step at a time. 

Guilty or Not Guilty...

At this point who cares, i've been watching the news as many of us have, and i know i'm not the only one who is in complete shock about this Casey Anthony trial, i said i wasn't going to post on this story, but i needed someone to give me some better understanding of how this trial took a left turn.  Now i will agree there isn't much "actual" evidence that states that she physically took her hands and killed her daughter but there is enough evidence to say that she was a part of this whole ordeal.  So my question is how do you allow someone to go FREE without serving any time for the death of this child, but yet it's as if the jury was saying..."You are a bad person for lying so i'm going to slap you on the hand this time, now don't you do it again" To be truthfully honest i'm not mad with her, i'm just a little pissed with the jury, did no one here anything in this case.  Casey never even had to get on the stand, and she's FREE.  All i can say is God be with her, and her family because the battle that she is going to endure at this moment and for the rest of her life, is going to be something.