Friday, January 7, 2011

When dealing with men you "MUST" be specific!

Well a girlfriend of mine just found out that a guy she was conversating with is actually dating someone, now of course when she told me this, the first thing i thought was did you ever ask him was he dating anyone at all.  She did say that she asked him did he have a girlfriend, and he responded no, but we all know all to well that with men you have to be specific because he was telling the truth that he didn't have a girlfriend, but he didn't care to expose that he was also dating. 

What i have found out in my adult years about men is they have their own code:  If you don't ask i won't tell, or better yet if you don't ask i won't volunteer. 

So my personal opinion is for women when you are out here dating or trying to find a perspective mate, always take the time to see what's really going on, when you ask if he has a girlfriend make sure he isn't dating either!  2010 ladies don't be deceived. 


  1. I like how you stated that single ladies have to be very specific. Don't know if you don't asked. I like your mantra! 2010 Ladies don't be deceived!

  2. Amen, sistah!!!! Even with my 8 year old son, I have to be specific or I will NOT get a direct answer. LOL!!