Monday, January 3, 2011

Fathers and their importance...

"Father: a role model who gives the gifts of guidance and wisdom while learning how to stretch his ability to love beyond what he knew was possible"

I was on the phone with my girlfriend this morning just talking about everyday life, and raising our kids, and we came across the topic of the difference in how we were raised, our parents, and how we are doing today.  And funny as it may seem the roles in life have completely reversed, you see more wives working or making the bulk of the money, and the men just barely working or making ends meet.  Before I get off the subject what I was trying to figure out is what happened to the importance of being a father.  Sometimes I can't wrap my mind around someone not wanting to give your undivided attention and love to something so precious that you helped to create.  I'm always watching the way my kids act and wondered if they knew the difference of not having a parent in the home vs. a child who doesn't have a father figure in the home, but he is very active in their life.  
 I get frustrated with the lack of parenting from men because I really don't believe that they truly understand their importance in a child's life whether it be a male or female child it still is such a critical point.  Men sometimes (not all men) when going thru divorce or separation often separate themselves from the children also, so it makes me question the idea of were you a parent while in the home, or did you feel that your presence made you an active parent.  Children need to know and feel that they are loved, and if two people decide for their betterment that they cannot be together, then they should be able to continue to be a great father in their child's life.  But I haven't been seeing that lately, often I listen or talk to kids who are in the hospital, and you always see the mother and wonder where your dad is?  Does the mom have to carry the load at all times?  Even when the child is sick?  When I think of my own parents, and think about how my dad could have done things so much better than now, how some of my choices and decision because of them, could have been so much better...I don't know I guess I just get a ill frustrated with wanting men to take care of their responsibilities so that little girls won't go out here looking for love because they don't know what it is or what it is supposed to feel like, so the first guy that comes along and gives his definition of what love is, then they fall for them, or so that little boys will know how to love a woman, respect her, take care of her, and treat her like she needs to be treated.  Men I just want you to take time and understand your importance...because a child is not like a weed that can be picked and thrown away...They need and crave LOVE!

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