Friday, January 7, 2011

Hi my name is Tasha and i'm lazy!!!

Definition for Lazy
- not wanting to work: unwilling to do any work or make an effort
- conducive to idleness: contributing to an unwillingness to work or make an effort
- slow: moving slowly

Well isn't that what they say in AA the first step is to admitting the truth.  Well i'm an admitter because i have been slacking lately on my aerobic workouts.  Althought i am an aerobic instructor i have been very lazy lately only because the gym that i have been teaching at closed the gym down due to the whole gym floor needing to be done over. 

Just when i was getting into the groove of things, so the gym has been closed since december so let's just say i worked out only 3-4 times out of the month of December.  So i have decided to start looking at things that i like.  If anyone knows me they know that i get bored easily, so if i keep doing the same old thing repetively then i'm done!  No more for me because i'm bored.  With all that being said i have to really start deciding what can i do to get my exercise in, well i like Dancing so maybe i should find something that incorporates dance into aerobics because that is one thing that i am never bored with.  Who knows i guess time will definately tell if i don't get up and start moving my butt surely will.
Well this was just a first step for me admitting my problem, and knowing that i need to step it up...
Sincerely Tasha


  1. Why don't you try Zumba! It is a fun class and it incorporates dancing! Get your certification in that.

  2. i thought about it too! Don't know yet i just need a variety if they would use the WOBBLE as an exercise i'm all

  3. Tasha, Are you a Libra? You sound like me. Next week, I will be going to my first Zumba class. I will keep you posted on how it goes.

  4. Dana yes ma'm i am a LIBRA!!! Oct 15, hmmm no wonder i can relate. LOL