Friday, January 7, 2011

Bought some stuff just for me!!!

In my earlier post i talked about women making time for themselves, and doing things just for them.  Well today i took a plunge, and had to fight the temptation not to buy the kids anything.  So i went to TARGET and they had a fairly decent sale i saw some cute undies and bras and actually brought some for myself shoot 5 pairs for $15 was pretty good to me and then i decided that i was going to put back the purse i was going to get for my oldest daughter and stop looking for things for the baby girl and my son.

Hard job to do when you are so used to buying for everyone else, and putting yourself on the back burner.  I literally had to talk to my inner self to convince me not to buy anything for them, i know some of the employees had to wonder if i was crazy, i kept saying to myself  "if i don't buy them anything that doesn't make me a bad mama" lol amazingly i was so proud of myself i went to the counter purchased my stuff and walked right out of there with nothing in the bag for anyone but me.  I felt a little empowered today, but I'll be taking them to the mall on Saturday lol, well at least i didn't purchase them anything today.


  1. You have to treat yourself Tasha! That's great you took time for yourself! We as empowering Somme have to take time for ourselves and celebrate ourselves. I made a promise last year that I will treat myself once a month and I have been keeping this mantra. 2011 I plan to create a better social life! So go ahead with your bad self and treat yourself todAy while you are out with the kids! You deserve it!

  2. Girl, I did this the other day. But it took every ounce of willpower not to go see what the store had for the kiddos.