Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Enjoying the simple things in life

My 3 little people!
Charlotte had a winter storm on yesterday and i just got off of work, and of course the kids wanted to know when could they go outside so i told them let me get a couple of hours of sleep and if their dad didn't take them out first then i would when i got up.  So needless to say they couldn't wait for me to get up they were very slick about the whole thing, my oldest wakes me up to ask am i hungry because she will fix me something now i know her all to well, she had motive!  So while i'm munching on my cereal (lol) she preceeds with "ummm if i put on two shirts then that will be warm enough to go out right"?  I just stared at her because i know where she is about to go then she says "ma do you know what time you are getting up, ummmm IM UP NOW THANK YOU NIYA!!! 

With that being said i got up to double layer myself in clothing so that i could go outside with them, getting my camera ready, and still mentally trying to wake up from working last night, but then i realized that i have 3 kids who love their mommy more than anything and you don't get these special moments often, so i better enjoy them while i can now.  We played, laughed and had a great time, but the one thing that touched my heart the most was when my 9 year old said "I had the best time ever today".  Wow!!!!  Life is so simple yet we take the simplest things for granted.  Enjoy your family to the fullest because when they are gone there is no return!!

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  1. Your children are gorgeous! Yes, enjoy every day as if it was your last.