Wednesday, February 9, 2011

So excited i finally found a product that works for my hair!

Okay guys i'm so excited to share this information, as most of you know i've been looking for the right type of products for my hair.  I was having a rough time, either the shampoo that i was using was drying my scalp out more or making it harder to come because it was super kinky, and i was frustrated!!!  Well i have found the solution that works for me, and i am so excited because if you could have saw me in the mirror in amazement you would want to try it to, so i am going to list the things that i just bought and used and i am in LOVE with it already.  I went to Sally's beauty supply for some nail products and saw these items and figured well they are on sale it can't hurt to try them.  I bought these both from Sally's beauty it's called Mixed silk and they do make your hair feel silky, and i have been using the Denman brush that i have been seeing everyone talk about, i LOVE< LOVE<LOVE that brush, it brushes those kinks right out and causes them to curl back up but with such ease!!!  So if you get a chance go out and get this product and try them!

Dear Thick n Kinky

Dear Thick and Kinky hair:

When i was born i was told how beautifully you graced my scalp, you were always thick, never thin.  You were easy to maintain because i was just a infant so all we had to do was wash n go.  As i grew up as a child i remember how hard it was to get you to manage so my mother put a little something on you to minimize your coarseness, and then you were called a "Curly Kit" you did so well for about 2 years, then i was going to high school and saw everyone else's hair i decided that i didn't want you to be a curly kit anymore, so i traded you for some "creamy crack" (CC) for short boy did i love that CC she was my new best friend, we stayed together for 16years, she was kind to me on good days and bad days, all i had to do was wash her sometimes or brush her down, or add a little gel for slickness, but she never let me down!

Then one day i started trying to take better care of myself because i had reached that 30 yr old mark, and every thing was changing, i started noticing everyone getting different hairstyles calling their new friend "Natural" there were short styles, long styles, and they all looked so healthy and beautiful, and i pondered the thought for a minute, then i lost it, and was like i would never do you like that so i kept maintaining, now honestly speaking i almost gave up on you CC like 3 times, then i started working out alot and CC was not holding up her part of the deal, i would go to the salon on Tuesday, then work out wed, Thur, Fri, by then you had given up on me, so i had to start making some decisions, so i did, and i did the BC oh how scared i was because CC had me fooled to believe that i couldn't survive with out her, and she was almost right, but i started researching products, salons, and simple things to do.

Now this road to meeting you Thick n Kinky wasn't easy because you let me down a couple of times too.  You defying me in so many ways, when i comb you, you break the comb, you didn't tell me i would have to moisturize you everyday, and sleep with a "silk" cap or bonnet on, i thought i could just time you up and go my merry way, but oh no, you had to prove to me that you were worth keeping.  You kept me spending more money than i cared too, but i did this all just to prove that i wanted you!  Now that you and i have been together for about 9 months now, i truly understand why you are so tough and hard to manage see i was fooled by CC to think that you would be just as easy as her to manage, but you are teaching me to embrace the beauty that i have, learn what things work for you, and take proper care of you and you will do just fine.  So to TnK i thank you for being a part of who i am today, and i embrace you with open arms!!!