Tuesday, September 10, 2013

People Watching!

I start my morning off at Starbucks because i want to be where there are like minded folks. Folks who have ideas, want to create, and be more. I figured why not go and do some people watching! Yep, i said people watching. Look around and see what people are talking about, what the newest crave or idea is about. Well low and behold there is no one here today! It's like 5 people! What the heck! There isn't a time i come here and it isn't packed, but you know what it's ok i'm going to make the best out of this people watching experience. I know you are probably wondering why i'm doing this well my mother always told me "who you hang around, is who you become"! If i want to explore my opportunities in this world i need to see what people are talking about. What interest them, how can i leave a carbon footprint in society. My desire has been to always own my own businesses and i need to learn to connect and brainstorm with folks who have my interest. I'm sure there is a thing or two i can learn from many people who have their own businesses, and i'm looking forward to applying this to my life. I've been coming to this starbucks the last couple of months, and it's very welcoming. You have your business exec. come in order their coffee, sit at a table and brainstorm their next project. Next there's the college kids who are aspiring to be something greater in life, discussing what class they have to take, and the benefits of it. Then you have your occassional folks like myself. These are the regulars who come in sit down, find there regular table, and can call just about everyone who walks in the door by name. (Tee hee) not me though! I haven't gotten to that level yet. What i'm looking for is just a calm place where i can clear my thoughts from the everyday hustle and bustle of life. A place where i can come, sit down, listen, and watch and hear other peoples thoughts on how to live life. Looking at different perspectives isn't a bad thing(At least i don't think so). It just a mere step to help you along your way. So as i sit here eating my oatmeal, sipping on my coffee, and writing. I want to be inspired in some small way! Enjoy the moments folks! Life is truly precious!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

New Year....Different Things

Hey, Hey, Hey world.  Been gone for a while but i'm back.  I don't plan on making any new year resolution the only thing i can do is concentrate on being the best me!  So i went over to one of my girls page www.shonkeyaperry.com and while browsing through a few blog post i saw an interesting one that caught my eye VISION BOARDS, now how many of us have them.  I have been saying for a long time that i am going to do one, but i haven't.  So this is gonna be my plan, put my goals and visions on paper, honestly i think it helps a person recognize their goals, all to many times we have goals but they are stored up in our brains just floating around, and then as soon as an event or occurence happens in our life we push it further to the back of our minds.  So today i am declaring to start my Vision Board, and it's gonna be a good one.  Hope you guys will think about one for you too.   Before doing your vision board think about all of the things you would like to see in your life and add to it, and take away as you achieve.  Happy Boarding