Saturday, January 1, 2011

Taking Care of Me!!!

So i was thinking about doing this blog then i changed my mind, well actually i just started doing everything else, and forgot about it, until i saw a similar blog over at my girl  Women need to start feeling good about themselves because we always tend to everyone else's needs...I was watching my husband one day and realized that he puts so much time and effort into how he looks, and me i just make it simple...If i need to go to the grocery store, i just slip something on, but him he does the whole routine.  So then i realized a few things about being a women that i don't cater to myself enough, i'm so busy making sure that everyone else has, or needs, that the main person who needs is me!  It is important for me to start wearing makeup, whether it's a little blush, eyeliner, or something to bring out the extra beauty that is already there, dressing cute even when going to the grocery store, a woman should in my opinion always own a pair of heels it's funny how you feel different when you are dressed up, and in heels (and cute ones at that)...To me it is important to always look and feel your best, even if you don't feel up to it, this is something that i observed of my mother when she was sick, although she was tired, barely could walk, she wanted me to put her makeup on, and i guess it made her feel good....but i do know that when i put a lil blush or makeup on i feel totally CUTE!!!  So my suggestion to women today is put a lil makeup on, do your hair (lol), find a cute outfit, put on a pair of cute pumps and step out!!! This year is all about learning to be a better me!  So why not start with a lil makeup... 


  1. Awww, thanks for mentioning me. I am a lipstick QUEEN. I love the stuff. I can put on lipstick can feel like I transformed into a beauty queen. Last year, I started with the make up and shoes. I stayed away from the clothes because I didnt lose what I wanted to lose. But then I got to thinking, you cant look good with the make up, shoes, and your clothes are not on point. I married a man that is SOOO not into dressing up. I buy and dress him up...when he lets me. LOL!!!

    Don't forget about the fragrance. That is my fetish. I LOVE perfume. I wear me some nice perfume even if I am in my sweaters. My motto: Can't look good without smelling good.


  2. I am smiling very hard right now because this is one of my mantra. I am not one for setting resolutions but I do set goals. One of my goals this year is not to slip on a pair of jogging pants and a hat when I am running to the grocery store or the great Wally World! I know when I do dress up and put on a little something, I feel like I am on top of the world! I'm a heel fanatic so I can truly feel the sentiments of how you feeling!