Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Am i becoming an online shopper!

So the last couple of days i have been ordering things online nothing major just little things here and there, hair products, uniforms for work and so on and so forth, but needless to say it has been pretty fun watching UPS & FedEx pull up to my door or leave a package at the door makes me almost feel like I'm RICH (lol) but i see why people order things online instead of going out from store to store to find something, the benefits of shopping online is one click, pay and the process begins.  Oh yeah and watching the truck pull up to the front door knowing the package is for little old me!  Thank you sir!  I'll see ya next time! So when someone ask what can Brown do for me everything!!

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  1. Welcome to my world. LOL! When I was pregnant with the twins, I was on bed rest the whole time. I missed getting out and that's when my addiction began.