Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Natural hair help!

I'm in need of some deep moisturizers and everything else because this scalp is super dry, i'm trying to do everything i can think of, i'm going on blog after blog and looking at how moist and refreshing everyone's hair looks and mine looks like a matted mop or dog!  What am i doing wrong?  If anyone has any suggestion to help me keep my hair together please let me know!


  1. when my hair was about that length, I used avacado and I liked all things tea tree.

  2. Are you using a lot of protein? That can dry your hair out too. What are you using? I can email you my routine. It really helped me. In the beginning my hair was REAL dry.

  3. Tasha,
    Tea tree is good and any organic moisturizer is good as well.