Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Golden opportunity of a second chance....


While on twitter i saw @afrobella tweet about give this man a job, and i saw on the video about this man who was homeless that had a great voice, i mean literally he had a radio personality voice...he reminds you of one of those behind the scenes voices that you never see but are always in awe of the voice....Well he was given a second chance and i was so happy for him, this man gave us his life story about his education, and how he got to this point of homelessness...When i watched him this morning on the i was so happy for him, even though i don't know him, but to see a situation that may be bad to us, turn to good, was overwhelming to me...I'm so happy that someone had the heart enough to say let's give this man a job, let's help him out of the rut that he was his amazement someone did call him, and offered him multiple jobs, and a house, now tell me that this wouldn't make anybody want to cry...I've always believed that people should have a second chance when proven that they really want an opportunity to do better...Life is hard enough by itself, but so much better when someone recognizes who you truly are....God is a why can't we!!! video of him being discovered! to see where and what's he's doing now..


  1. After reading this article, it reminded me of something my great grandmother use to say..."Be careful how you treat the homeless, he may just be Jesus."

  2. girl i know that's right, just be careful of how you do anybody because you never know, i'm just so happy for him having a second chance at life, not to many people get that opportunity, and he seems so intelligent, but mr. got 7 kids...whewwwww