Sunday, December 19, 2010

Reality TV love it or hate it!

So i am a true reality tv fan, not quite sure why, but i am....i guess it's because of the drama, the need to know what kinda of crap people in the hollywood world actually go through.  Well, as i was watching Basketball wives, i realized that this show is just like the real drama in everyday life, but just a little over the top.  This show is hilarious because it's like watching high school girls have a click, and say oh because you talked about me, then everyone is against you, and the funny thing is these grown women actually side with one another, crazy.  I have girlfriends that i have been friends with for about 15+ years, and if one is mad with the other, it actually doesn't even last that long, but none of us would side with the other and go against each other for the sake of friendship, if you are true friends then it doesn't matter, two people should be able to decide if they are not talking to each other without having everyone else choose a side.  Real friendship aren't based on that to me, it's based on the love, enjoyment, and being around eachother that helps you realize why you are friends in the first place.  So this is only for TV these friendships can't be real, especially if you drop someone b/c of someone else, i guess my question is didn't you guys have real friends before these BBWIVES, is there some rule that says if you marry a bb player or football player then you have to be part of a clique'...oh well story of their lives...

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