Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Am i not good enough to be your friend!!!

Well someone asked me or rather gave me their scenario and asked my opinion.  The names are fictional so that it will better help you understand.  So you guys tell me what you think.  This young lady (Tracy) has been friends with a (Monique) for about a year or two, she was there for her when she went through all her trials and tribulations.  Well the issue has been that Tracy is recently seperated from her husband of 9 years and she has made up her mind that she is getting a divorce.  Tracy is dating now, and just enjoying life, her friend Monique is divorced and still struggling with the divorce she has a guy friend she is dating, but it's nothing promising.  Mind you monique is a church goer and so on and so forth, so she feels that tracy is a little too wild for her now, but she really isn't doing anything that she isn't...So lately tracy has been feeling like maybe she isn't good enough to be monique's friend because every time she invites her out to (lunch, movies, or bowling) she always finds an excuse not to go with her.  So her thoughts to me were she feels like because she isn't into going to church all the time, does that classify her as a bad person, she believes that God looks at the heart, so why does she feel like she is good enough to be her friend when she needs someone to vent to about her ex, but when she wants to hang out, she finds all types of excuses.  Well my opinion was some people make use of God when it's feasible for them, and forget that we all fall short sometime, but no one is perfect!!!!  And maybe she is a little jealous that she is really living her life now, and she isn't because of obligations to everyone else.  So what do you think!!!

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