Saturday, December 11, 2010

Frustrations make you choose the wrong choices!

Yes we all get frustrated, it happens!  One thing i can remember my mom saying..."Being frustrated doesn't change the circumstances, so you need to choose what you are going to do to make your situation better or stop COMPLAINING!!!!  Well while at work last night i was working with a coworker and she was so frustrated with how everything in her life was going, that when she came to work she brought all that frustration with her, and one thing i know is when people come to work with attitudes, i stay out of their way because i don't want that spirit on me (lol i gotta love my momma, lord bless her in heaven).  So she just keeps going on and on about how this job is getting on her nerves, the people, and so on and so forth.  Now mind you i'm not complaining, because if anyone is a Respiratory Therapist, they know the frustrations that come with this job.  So i'm listening to her complaints but as she is talking i am praying for her and asking God to tell me the right things to say, anyway she has gotten so frustrated that she decides she is quiting, and i look at her and watch her as she fills out applications, and i still don't say anything, so after she keeps venting for about 2 hours then i wait till later, and talk to her, and i go on to tell her, that "my mama always said" (lol) but it's true...That this life we have is not our own, so the job that you have been blessed with was just that a BLESSING, although you have bills as we all do, isnt it good to know that you have a means for paying them.  Start praying and asking God to open up doors to other opportunities and stop complaining about this job, do you know how many people are waiting for someone like you to quit, so they can fill that spot, and be content.  Sometimes in the mist of our frustration we make crazy choices, and then when you have calmed down and realize it's not as serious as you were making it out to be, then you have done something so stupid and crazy, that then you are trying to figure it all out!  So again, when you are frustrated learn to go to a quiet place, or deal with it in your own way, but don't push it on others, we all have frustrations, but they don't last always, it's just like a temporary fix that you got to get, and once you've gotten it, and yelled about it, it's over....Don't Let Frustrations cause you to make a WRONG CHOICE!!!

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  1. Tasha,
    I am loving your ending remarks. Oftentimes, we can say things out of frustrations that can alter our lives forever. I wish many humans learn to become more reflective in their thoughs and actions. I have to you use your quote on facebook! lol! love it!