Saturday, December 18, 2010

Practice makes a difference!!!

So last week i started my first Aerobic class, and when i started i was so nervous...why because i was the TEACHER!!!!  I took this instructors class in July 2010, passed the class and all, then in august, september, and october i just got so lazy and decided i don't think i want to do this.  That's right my whole $199 gone down the drain.  But low and behold they were not willing to give up on me, so they "volunteered" me for the position because i stayed so close to the recreation center.  So i gave in, so i'm saying to myself "durn now i got to pull out these instructor tapes and start learning these routines" uggghhh....But being lazy taught me one thing, to never wait until 2 days before the class to learn the routines, oh my i am doing the 3 out of 15 songs, and i'm so nervous that i am messing up but not alot, and the class is helping me remember the steps, now if that ain't embarrasing....So i decided after class that i would practice that whole week until the following Thursday, and when this past Thursday came, i was on it, and i had my stuff down pack....BooYAH!!!!


  1. This post was for me. I wanted to get instructor certified but my nerves to teach a class MIA,LOL!!! I been putting it off and putting it off. What if I miss up? What if I cant teach the class? What if I get nervous?

    Now that you are ready and wrote this I may have to go back and check out the instructor's class. I think this is a GREAT way to lose and keep off the weight that I lost.

    Thank you for the inspiration!!! You will do awesome.

  2. Hey girl you should do it, i actually look forward to working out during the week practicing to make sure i am well prepared before thursday, but starting january i will go to Tue & Thur instead of just thur so i am actually pumped!!! You can do it, all the questions you asked yourself i already had, and i overcame them, and you can too so just go ahead and try it, what can go wrong, "you actually enjoying it" your best foot forward and it will all work out!