Wednesday, December 29, 2010

As the year winds down......

As this year is winding down, and coming into a new year.  I was sitting back and reflecting on the things I love the most...and how grateful I am for having family, friends, and love ones in my life....Now the things that  I want to reflect on not for this upcoming year, but just every day of my life is POSITIVITY...I can't tolerate NEGATIVITY anymore, it brings down the morale in everything that you do, so I challenge everyone to think positive in all situations that you encounter, no matter how bad it may seem, and maybe it will help you to progress a little more throughout your day...


  1. Happy New Years, Tasha! I am taking that positive walk with you!

  2. Ditto! Happy New Year! I'm going to walk and embrace every step of challenges and changes but more importantly blessings that I will encounter along the way. I'm looking forward not backwards. My motto is Progression, Not Regression!