Sunday, December 12, 2010


While attending Church today and the topic was Breaking Bad Habits, as i sat around and watched everyone, since we are on the topic of habits, why does it seem that people can only get excited when the piano is playing, the drummer is drumming, and their is always that one who will dash across the room.  Is that the start of the spirit moving?  Now i am not being judgmental by any means just stating my observations and opinions, but i am just wondering.  I believe in God 100% but i'm starting to question some of the things people do.  I'm just wondering are there things that we do sometimes to impress other people to prove our salvation or because the pastor said if you don't jump up and move your not saved....I just want to believe that God is always LOVE, PATIENT, FORGIVING, and UNDERSTANDING...and he loves me whether or not i jump up and down and my heart continues to love him, i treat everyone right, that includes those that i don't know, and if i always want to help someone in need that i am impressing him in some small way.  Because i am overwhelmed with the request for Money, Money and More Money, for pastors anniversary, pastor and first lady birthday, for pastor thanksgiving, church anniversary, pastor & first lady anniversary, and for PASTOR XMAS blessing, the list get's longer and longer every time, i always believed in helping people no matter who they were (that's what my mama taught me).....i have yet to hear let's take up money for the sick and shut in, never for the homeless guy on the corner, never for a food drive, coat drive, or for a family who may need some bills paid, those to me seem like legitamate reasons to want to give, give and keep giving...But yeah i know the bills got to be paid in the church too, but the above reason don't help the bills get paid...I'm just venting a lil today b/c i understand to a certain degree of why some stop attending church....Again....these are just my thoughts and opinions folks of what i see at the churches i have been attending!


  1. I could make a post about this subject of the holy ghost and etc. I know that God and the holy spirit does enter people and work though them but how much is it for show and how much is it genuine.

    The issue with money. I go to a dead non-singing church because they dont beg for money. Its here on the Military post that I live on. I get tired of the begging. I will give my 10% to tithe but all else...well!!! Like I said that is a whole topic in itself.

  2. Yes ma'm i know, we all can go on and on about this type of subject, i think i was just a lil frustrated and was wondering is my church the only church doing this foolishness. My mother lord bless her, always taught us about knowing God for yourself b/c it will only be your fault when that day comes, and you thought you knew him thru someone else!!