Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Not sure if i'm mad or just over it!

Well we moved in October into an apartment complex to save some money to purchase a house, and the rent is decent so we have enjoyed this new place thus far until........Well in November after being here for only a month, i left the house to go pick up my computer that was being fixed.  So i met the guy and called my husband to let him know i was on my way back home, so as i'm turning the corner into the complex i am coming up to the park next to our van, and i see the lights on in the van, so i'm assuming since i just called my husband that it is him in the car, so i blow the horn, and low and behold a teenager sits up in the driver's seat, i could have crapped my pants, to be honest i was in SHOCK, and i was saying to myself i know this child is not in my car....So my husband comes to the door but i don't say anything b/c now and days you have to be careful b/c although he was is my car doesn't mean he didn't have a gun...so he gets out the car as if he was getting out his own car, and that just did it for me....i call 911 and i don't know where he walked to so fast, but he was gone!  But i was PISSED off b/c the nerve of someone to just walk by and get in the car....So my husband is pissed b/c he said he didn't think he locked the doors, but regardless we usually lock them before we go to bed....So needless to say the boy wasn't caught but i was pissed for like a couple of weeks.....Now this is the part that did it for me, December 17 my husband and i don't officially go to bed until about 2am that morning and about 6ish our doorbell is ringing, so we both jump up, i look out the window, eyes blurry from just getting up, and it looked like people outside, so i tell him don't go open that door, i don't know if that's someone trying to break in or what.  So they ring the doorbell again, now my heart is racing b/c i don't know what is about to happen...and it turns out to be our neighbor and he goes on to tell my husband "i hate to wake you up, but they broke the windows out your car, my car, the elderly ladies car, the hispanic man's car" so my husband is furious!!!! as well as i am!  I'm like what are you kidding me!!!  IDIOTS!!!  So you go around vandalizing other people's property? for what and then you didn't take anything you just bust out windows, really!!!!  So that cost me $182.11 to be exact..b/c i had to pay my deductable first!!!  Now i'm so pissed that i can even be pissed anymore, i was just OVER IT, i was like Lord, im going to pray for these idiots that did this, and i truly hope they get caught....Now we all get our windows fix accept for two of the neighbors, so i'm feeling bad for them b/c apparently they can't afford it, or they don't have insurance....WHY MUST PEOPLE DO SUCH IGNORANT THINGS.....you come in and destroy other people's property and you don't even stick around to say i'm sorry i don't know why i did it, or something...YOU PUNKS!!!  That is truly how i feel.....just wanting to vent about this thing and get it off my chest...I JUST HATE IGNORANCE!!!!

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