Thursday, July 7, 2011

Challenging ourselves to see a better outcome...

Lately i've been reading about America having the largest obesity rate in the world.  So i started thinking to myself what can i do to decrease atleast 1% of this rate and i plan on challenging myself to atleast 20-30 min of working out atleast everyday.  When i lost my mother at the age of 62 it was from various health issues, and i don't want to leave my children behind because of my lack of taking care of myself.  So lately i've been trying to work out twice a day, so each day i plan on doing something whether it be riding a bike, walking, aerobics, low/high impact training.  I must fight to Live and not Die, so i challenge all of you to change the ratio one step at a time. 

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  1. Thanks for sharing Tasha,
    I loss my father at the age of 49 and I recently loss my mom at the age of 52 so I have taken a personal challenge with myself to become more health conscious. Just today, which is shocking that you wrote this, I decided to go to Sam's to purchase frozen vegetables and more organic foods. This past weekend, I realize that I was not drinking purified water. It really shocked me that Aqua Fina and Dasani (my favorite) is not 100%. One of my closest friend enlightened me and stated that I needed to read more! lol! How ironic! Thanks for sharing! I am preparing for the 5K run! Let's get it!